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  • Traditionally, a small number of data scientists and engineers have been engaged in the process of exploration, preparation, analysis, and reporting of Hadoop data. These Hadoop “pioneers” used open source tools from the ecosystem and information about the data and processes was shared through tribal knowledge.

    The recent explosion of new data sources, big data, data formats and applications in the Hadoop data lake make traditional approaches unsustainable. New users and entire departments want complete access to the data in the Hadoop data lake. The new users are often dealing with productivity challenges by recreating redundant jobs or worse - not engaging in the environment altogether because it is too complex. Meanwhile, executives begin to hear rumblings that the “data lake” is becoming a “data swamp,” and not delivering the value to the larger organization that was originally promised.

    Accelerate Time to Value in the Hadoop Data Lake

    According to Forrester “we live in a world where it is no longer about first to market; we have to be about first to value.” Value acceleration in the Hadoop data lake demands new levels of user productivity including fast and easy data acquisition, faster data processing and better visibility of all data and processes. Teradata Loom provides the following unique capabilities:

    Democratize Accessibility and Data Understanding

    It’s no longer acceptable to reinvent the wheel with each new project in Hadoop. When you use Teradata Loom, you will be able to accelerate initiatives by providing users with the ability to quickly find the data and files they need, with a full understanding of context from source to all transformations that others have created in order to save you time from searching or recreating.

    Automated Hadoop Metadata Management

    Changes occur rapidly in large Hadoop environments, from new files being loaded to new transformed files being generated. With the Teradata Loom ActiveScan feature, you eliminate manual effort associated with finding these changes through the automatic collection of data lineage and statistics for all data in the cluster.

    Simplify Hadoop Data Preparation with Data Wrangling

    Most users don’t have data in the format they need and must perform their own data preparation. Rather than using low-level programming languages that require lengthy coding, and excludes analysts without such skills, with Teradata Loom, users can quickly do data preparation and transformations in an easy-to-use, self-service environment.

    Data Self-Service

    No more IT requests or the need for special skills to access or transform data. Teradata Loom is built on a collaborative platform and offers a browser based intuitive user interface. Any end user in the organization can maintain and manage the data throughout its lifecycle—from automated scanning, metadata generation and management, data lineage and data preparation stages. Users can browse and search for data based on multiple criteria.

    Download: Data Preparation in the Hadoop Data Lake (White Paper)  

    Supported Data Platforms

    Teradata Loom® is compatible and is certified on the following Hadoop based data platforms in the market today. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

    • Teradata open Distribution for Hadoop (TDH)
    • Hortonworks Hadoop Data Platform (HDP)
    • Cloudera CDH
    • MapR Distribution including Hadoop

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