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Teradata and Vodafone: Dialing up Growth in a Mature Market

The benefits of Vodafone’s new enterprise data warehouse (EDW) from Teradata and analytics solutions are many. Less manual handling of data means that company analysts can spend more time pursuing valuable insights. Vodafone is also using the EDW to further enhance its customer life cycle program, building a scientific base for optimum communication with customers.


"If we wanted to be serious, if we wanted to approach our data in a significant way and leverage that data in a significant way, then we wanted an enterprise data warehouse—a single source of truth, a single repository of all of that data. And, if we’re going to do that, then the best in class was, still is, will probably be for a long time, Teradata."

John Stewart, Senior Manager of Customer Analytics, Vodafone New Zealand, 2007

By 2004, Vodafone New Zealand Ltd. had gained a 50% market share and uncontested leadership in New Zealand by simply offering better customer service. But as the mobile telco industry matured, the competition rallied, and increasing government regulation began to reduce revenue, Vodafone's customer base plateaued at 54% of the national market.

That year Vodafone recognized that its legacy Red Brick data warehouse was unable to support the transactional analysis, research or modeling processes the company now needed, and it included numerous data marts and piecemeal solutions that had been developed as short-term fixes.

Vodafone recognized that tougher market conditions warranted faster decision making based on real-time knowledge of current conditions and replaced the legacy system with an enterprise data warehouse from Teradata, which today is used by hundreds of employees in:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Pricing
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Channel Optimization
  • Customer Service

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