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"Long term, Meredith will try to personalize its Web sites more and more, and offer more targeted content. The key to this is people actually signing up and registering on our site. With this customer data, we are able to leverage the Teradata Customer Data Warehouse more effectively."

Craig Gard, Manager of Data Warehousing and Applications and Development, Meredith Corporation, 2007

The enterprise data warehouse from Teradata that houses Meredith Corporation’s consumer database of over 85 million names one of the company's most valued resources helps its marketers better serve a growing customer base that includes two-thirds of U.S. households.

The breadth and depth of this data, along with its Teradata Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, enables Meredith to customize offers for specific customer segments with pinpoint accuracy.

Meredith Corporation publishes 200 special-interest publications as well as 26 well-known magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents and Family Circle to name a few.


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