Teradata Software on Azure Marketplace

Teradata Software on Azure Marketplace opens the door for powerful hybrid cloud use cases uniting your on-premises and Azure-based Teradata resources. It is a foundational element of Teradata Everywhere, the innovative hybrid cloud strategy that extends the world’s most powerful analytics platform across both cloud and on-premises environments.
Teradata software provides the ideal platform for analyzing data on a massive scale that organizations like yours require—especially those tapping into predictive and real-time analytics.
The Benefits:

  • Powerful Teradata software across all hybrid cloud deployment options
  • Faster time to value with Azure cloud deployment
  • Agile spin-up and tear-down of cloud-based Teradata instances to experiment with new ideas
  • Ability to move from CapEx to OpEx through convenient pay-as-you-go consumption
  • Consistent and uniform global software and infrastructure compatibility

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