STUDY TERADATA NOW. OWN THE FUTURE. A new world of data demands a new approach

Teradata University Network (TUN) is dedicated to both providing data and analytics resources to faculty as well as training students to become breakthrough thinkers and doers; masters of the challenges presented by a new world of data. We provide academics free access to practical, hands-on training and resources and software to universities worldwide.
  • Features & benefits

Learn Teradata New SQL on upgraded systems with capacity for each participating student and faculty member to upload 3GB of data for use. 


TUN partners with Fuzzy Logix to enable big data algorithms in-database, providing students exposure to even more analytics power.


A dedicated board of practitioners and academics ensures university faculty have free access to tools that help future technologists and business leaders improve Teradata knowledge.


The next generation of data analysts and scientists can improve Teradata skills

By offering students unique opportunities to study Teradata best practices, including free training for Teradata Certification and hands-on access to technologies such as Teradata and SAS Visual Analytics on TUN, we train them to step into careers and deliver immediate value.

STUDENT COMPETITION | TUN ANALYTICS CHALLENGE Where academia and real world business meet

Students present business analytics research or application cases to business analytics professionals, then finalists present to peers and industry attendees. Judges and conference attendees select winners via mobile voting.
UNIVERSITY COMPETITION | TUN DATA CHALLENGE University and Graduate Level Students

For the 2019 TUN Data Challenge, all student teams receive the same multiple data sets and questions from our non-profit partner, Hire Heroes USA. Each team will analyze the data and business questions and submit their findings and results.