How Teradata Vantage Brings Disruptive Innovation to Banking

Learn how Teradata Vantage can usher in a new era of digital transformation and disruptive innovation at your bank. Read more. #Fintech

Teddy Chiu
Teddy Chiu
12. April 2020 2 min Lesezeit
How Vantage Can Usher in a New Era of Digital Transformation at Your Bank.
There are hundreds of thousands of traditional commercial banking clients at HSBC in Hong Kong. These accounts were opened with HSBC since the 1970's due to their business presence in HK and other countries. The advantage of having a bank account with HSBC is that the money transfer is easy, quick and reliable.
According to some financial research reports regarding HSBC’s commercial banking business, nowadays quite a number of corporate accounts are actually family-owned accounts and are no longer doing business-related trading transactions actively. Those accounts in general are managed by the 2nd or 3rd generation of the family members and mainly for wealth management and investment purpose.
However, there are some accounts trading actively in the capital market such as equity stocks and ETFs. Some are strategically more conservative than others and only trading fixed income products such as government bonds. So, how do you know if your client needs a relationship manager? Can we know your customers better before asking your sales staff to approach a potentially underserved client?
Teradata Vantage is the answer. Advanced SQL / Machine Learning / Graph are the disruptive innovation platforms for senior management to leverage to find out where the market is and which financial products to sell.
The opportunities are to create the new demand and market segments:
  • More investment grade products sold by a new product range offered (Machine Learning)
  • Better client wealth portfolio management by enhanced risk managed services (Big Data Analytics)
  • Timely customer credit ratings provided by an automated credit scoring agent (AI)
  • Advanced investment decisions supported by strategic & tactical asset allocation modelling (Graph Engine)
Fintech is a must for business development and revenue growth. Furthermore, the transaction costs can be lowered with digital transformation. Teradata Vantage can help usher in an era of digital transformation at your bank and create new opportunities for growth.

Über Teddy Chiu

Teddy began his career as an Information Management Trainee at Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong. After four years of learning the airline industry, he joined Misys as a Technical Consultant and supported the investment banking business. 
Teddy earned a Masters of Information Management in 2003 and joined CLSA (Broker-Dealer) the same year in Hong Kong and then moved to Singapore in 2006. With his business transformation skills gaining from CLSA, he was hired by Credit Agricole CIB Japan in 2008 as a Programme/Project Manager to support the F2B Digital Transformation Programme and partner with the COO for setting up and running the all new back office in Tokyo with the objective of acquiring a new stock broker licence in the Tokyo Stock Exchange by 2013. After relocating back to Hong Kong in 2014, he held some senior business management and transformation positions in COO teams at JPMorgan, HSBC and AIA. 
In 2018/19, Teddy obtained the Certificate of Oxford Fintech Programme. He is so excited to be a part of Teradata as he can pursue more in the Big Data era. 

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