Rejoice! The Vantage Analytics and Data Platform Provides Incredible Power for All in a “Cloudy” Environment

With the release of VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics, Teradata brings a cloud-native architecture to extend the technical innovations and differentiators that Vantage is well known for.

Robin Jessani
Robin Jessani
30. September 2022 3 min Lesezeit
Teradata VantageCloud Lake & CleraScape Analytics

Who is Teradata and What is Vantage you ask? It is a database management system, born to be parallel, and designed to make the most efficient use of resources at every opportunity. And what is different today? It’s better than ever and more easily available to a diverse set of customers and end users. With the release of VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics, Teradata brings a cloud-native architecture to extend the technical innovations and differentiators that Vantage is well known for. Coupled with a new diversity of resources and business model, Teradata opens the power of the Vantage Analytics and Data platform to a whole new set of users and workloads. 

At its core, Teradata has maximized system resources, like IO, CPU and memory to provide unparalleled analytic prowess to solve the most complex challenges globally. Its industry leading optimizer and workload management capabilities allowed great partnerships with companies to understand their data, their business, and their customers. Enabling them to get more for less while transforming their operations from reporting on the business, to predicting what will happen, and ultimately enabling businesses to take actions in real time for better business outcomes. Together, Teradata and companies around the world have built and continue to build foundations for the future, for sustainable growth, for tremendous returns on investment.   

And while innovation and technical momentum never ceased, the introduction of the “cloud” and its pervasive capability to redesign resource allocations and bring analytical workflows into everyday applications changed the way the industry and some businesses viewed Teradata. New vendor introductions were touting cost savings and “good enough” results which were compelling enough to cause customer doubt in Teradata’s ability to keep pace and adapt to the changing landscape.  

But Teradata is and always has been a technical innovator. For decades, Teradata focused its engineers on technology innovation, and with VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics, Teradata now offers the broadest and deepest array of analytic and database management capabilities than any other vendor in a cloud-native architecture. VantageCloud Lake enables businesses to run analytic workloads on the most mature and proven Vantage Analytics and Data platform. The new cloud-native architecture squashes concern about Teradata being “cloudy.”  Embracing the tenets of cloud-nativity, VantageCloud Lake provides independent, multi-cluster compute with elasticity, separation of compute and storage, and is object store centric. This is incredibly important for organizations considering platforms for new analytic workloads. You no longer need to settle for what appears as “cloudy” but still is light years behind in analytic capabilities. Cloud vendors have years and years of catch-up development to compete with all the robust and powerful capabilities that Teradata curated over time. 

Additionally, with a new Velocity sales model, unit-based pricing methodology, and cloud-native architecture, Teradata easily entertains all customers with analytic needs regardless of complexity and depth. Organizations that were once weary if their needs were large enough for Teradata do not have to wonder or be afraid anymore. All organizations can experience the power of Vantage to solve analytic challenges across a wide spectrum of use cases. In the past, Teradata focused its limited direct sales force on the most complex and challenging opportunities in the largest accounts globally. Not a swipe-your-card player, Teradata strategically invested in customers of a certain size and scale. Today, Teradata opens its doors to organizations that once viewed Teradata as either not “cloudy” or not a good fit for their size and scale. These businesses can now rejoice with the new architecture powering the Vantage Analytics and Data platform. 


Über Robin Jessani

Robin Jessani is Director of Technical Product Marketing and the subject matter expert for VantageCloud Lake, having transitioned from founder and Program Director for Teradata’s next generation cloud architecture. She has over 30 years' experience leading multiple technical disciplines at Teradata. She earned a MBA at San Diego State University.

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