Teradata VantageCloud Lake & ClearScape Analytics: Empowering enterprise analytical innovation

Teradata's new offerings, VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics, make it the complete cloud analytics & data platform, with cloud-native deployment and expanded analytics capabilities.

Hillary Ashton
Hillary Ashton
29. August 2022 4 min Lesezeit
VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics

The enterprise today is a dynamic environment, built on a complex ecosystem of data that is often siloed across multi-cloud, hybrid and/or on-premises systems. With businesses across every sector rapidly morphing to adapt to changing economic headwinds, further complexity is added as these organizations expand, acquire new business, or change the course of their operations. Retail, for example, has accelerated sales and delivery, digital wallets are changing buying behaviors and payment tools, and manufacturing is exponentially automated for quality and production efficiency. In the quest for differentiation, these businesses are fast becoming technology companies to maintain their competitive edge. 

While many of these organizations recognize the power of data, the vast majority struggle to unlock its full potential. Enterprises are challenged, not only to get the data they need, but more importantly, to make that data useful in “business time.”  Deriving actionable outcomes at enterprise scale is extremely difficult. It needs real-time processes from an enterprise data platform, and a truly open and connected system beyond just data storage. It needs to generate outcomes that immediately feed into the next set of decisions, and not be limited by the models available to run such algorithms.   

Teradata is uniquely positioned to take on this challenge and excited to match this opportunity with not one, but two cutting edge solutions. Our teams are proud to bring you -  

  • Teradata VantageCloud Lake, based on an entirely new cloud-native architecture, bringing performance and low total cost of ownership of Vantage to the full spectrum of workloads. A new offering that is born in the cloud – and designed to be automatically elastic; leveraging low-cost object store at its core, but still powerful, easy to use and scale. 
  • Additionally, Teradata’s industry-leading analytics platform, ClearScape Analytics, is designed to offer powerful, open, and connected analytics, providing autonomy and ease of access to deliver real-time insights and optimize business results.  

Together the above two are a part of the Teradata VantageCloud offering, a complete cloud analytics and data platform - and they will enable the enterprise ecosystem with never before capabilities of data storage, processing, and analytics.  


Taking a deeper dive into these offerings, VantageCloud Lake is designed to leverage elastic, fully isolated multi-compute clusters, as well as highly optimized low-cost object storage, thus enabling customers to easily respond and adapt to changing business needs. They can launch new projects utilizing core data, align compute resources while maintaining governance & cost control, and be able to try exploratory projects without the dependencies of shadow IT systems.  

It provides both workload management and workload isolation, at scale. With policy-driven scaling, organizations can place guardrails on specific workloads and view comprehensive reporting and fiscal impacts. These differentiated capabilities (less frequent scaling, optional guardrails, and comprehensive reporting) make it easier to balance the needs of business autonomy with fiscal governance.  

VantageCloud Lake realizes the benefits of being the most powerful platform in the market, with a modernized approach to compute and storage, optimized usage of clusters, real time analytics, workload management, and a central Vantage Console, flexibility, and cost control.  

Adding to the compelling strengths above, Teradata offers ClearScape Analytics - the most complete end-to-end operational platform bringing the core analytics processes to the cloud ecosystem. It understands all enterprise data: managed by Vantage or not, adding context and intelligence so that users can easily find and harness the right data quickly and simply. Additionally, Teradata’s QueryGrid connects data systems intelligently, by leveraging the engine of each system in concert to minimize the movement of data. 

ClearScape helps users navigate distributed data, adding recommendations, and delivering end to end analytic pipelines that allow varied analytic models in a single environment. It supports the full analytic life cycle, (from data exploration to model management) while continuing to support a very open and connected ecosystem, giving data scientists flexibility to tackle complex analytic challenges.  

It includes a powerful new class of time series functions to refine new use cases, such as inventory forecasting, retail prediction, predictive churn and analytics, and smart workload management. Governed ModelOps tool drives analytic outcomes, including auditing datasets, code tracking, model approval workflows, monitoring model performance, and alerts. 

Furthermore, ClearScape is not limited to Teradata’s own native functions. It allows for standalone Data Science tools to be integrated with the other data processes supporting the enterprise, thus becoming a truly open-source offering. By sharing managed and unmanaged low-cost object storage, companies can save time and money, even when using different applications.  

Being a smart analytics platform, it offers transparency to the data and the processes being run on it. With reduced data movement, it reduces risk and exposure, enables shorter turnaround times, and produces trackable outcomes. Organizations can create smarter processes and solutions - giving customers choice, empowering their rapid digital transformation. This suite of cutting edge features, offers the most performant & cost-effective AI/ML/analytics at scale.  

Teradata’s VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape are defining the way forward for the entire ecosystem.  

This groundbreaking combination of capabilities is geared to empowering innovation AND setting new standards for the industry. These solutions have added a new dimension to the growth and opportunities for enterprises today, and to the upcoming ones that are transitioning towards a digitized future.  

Together – we are transforming the way people live and work with the power of data. 


Infos Hillary Ashton

Hillary Ashton is the Chief Product Officer for Teradata. In this capacity, Hillary leads the global products organization, a diverse team responsible for innovation, product management, engineering and quality, ensuring that our hybrid multi-cloud platform delivers differentiated value to our customers and future customers. Her organization focuses on end-to-end oversight of all technology innovations at Teradata, including defining strategic direction for our hybrid cloud platform portfolio, engineering this strategic direction into high quality products for our customers and delivering a world-class user experience. With a strong grounding in analytics, cloud and leading-edge technologies, Hillary has proven contributions to expanding market share and increasing revenue.

Prior to Teradata, Hillary served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of PTC’s Augmented Reality (AR) business unit. In this role, she was responsible for all operational aspects of the Vuforia SaaS business and its product lines, including executive leadership and vision, strategy, product management, engineering, sales and marketing. Other roles include serving as SVP of Analytics SaaS solutions at Manthan and as Director, Customer Intelligence at SAS. In each of these positions, Hillary has contributed to expanding market share and increasing revenue.

A graduate of Franklin & Marshall College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Government, Hillary has been quoted extensively in the press and has spoken at various conferences worldwide. In 2021 and 2019, she was named to the National Diversity Council’s annual list of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology. She was also named as one of the Top 100 Women Leaders in Technology of 2021 by Women We Admire. Additionally, Hillary serves an independent member of the board of directors of CentralSquare, a leader in public sector technology.

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