Accelerate: the data analytics forum

Build the financial services business of the future.

At Accelerate, the Data Analytics Forum hosted by Teradata, Financial Services trailblazers gathered in London to discuss strategies for the industry's rapid digital transformation. From Sustainability to AI and CX: Watch on demand to learn from the best minds in Finance on how to accelerate your business through the power of data.

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How to foster innovation in financial services

What’s the future of Fintech? Eileen Burbidge (Passion Capital, Monzo & Marshmallow) discusses the strategies and technologies that will enable FinServ companies to achieve true digital business transformation and innovation.

How to achieve sustainability in financial services

With better data, we can make smarter decisions towards net-zero. Huw van Steenis (co-Chair, World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Finance) shares sustainable finance strategies to revolutionize the industry.

ABANCA – How an AI-led bank is driving innovation

Jorge García Romarís (ABANCA) explains how the major Spanish bank overcame obstacles to implement AI and drive innovation through a sophisticated data and analytics strategy.

How FinServ companies can take CX to the next level

What can financial institutions learn from the most successful retailer of our time, Amazon? When it comes to CX, Natalie Berg (NBK Retail) explains that they can learn a lot.

How financial services companies can succeed in a digital future

Are we on the verge of a monetary revolution? Huw van Steenis (co-Chair, World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Finance) explains how institutions can thrive in a digital future.

Accelerating digital transformation in financial services


Strategies for Success

When it comes to the digital transformation of financial services, it really is a case of ´pedal to the floor´. In this ebook, you will get unique insights on how to maximize the use of AI, enhance customer experience and drive towards sustainability – so that your financial services business will be even more successful tomorrow than it is today.