Enterprise 2030: Building the AI-powered company of the future

October 12, 2023 | LinkedIn Live

As generative AI dominates the headlines, enterprises are now prioritizing AI to reach new, unprecedented levels of creativity, productivity, and innovation. The opportunities are limitless. But the big question is this: How and where should enterprises invest in AI for maximum impact?

Teradata and Forbes partnered to survey 1,001 executive leaders around the world—your peers—to answer this very question and understand how they envision an AI- and data-driven future. This report is called “Enterprise 2030: Building the AI-powered company of the future.”

Your peers have spoken: AI is the inflection point that’s changing the gravity of enterprises. Based on the increasing velocity and massive value that AI can unlock, enterprises that don’t adopt this technology face a very real risk to their business. The ones that do unleash AI innovation have the opportunity to sprint far ahead of their competitors.

In this special event, join Teradata and Forbes to discover:

  • How your peers are leveraging data and AI to drive value and deliver on business outcomes
  • Four steps to strategically prepare your organization for the AI-driven decade
  • A sneak peek at Possible, Teradata’s global event series for business, technology, and analytics leaders

Speakers include:

  • Jacqueline Woods – Chief Marketing Officer, Teradata
  • Vedat Akgun, Ph.D. – VP of Data Science & AI, Teradata
  • Janet Haas – SVP of Research & Insights, Forbes