Get better, faster insights with in-database analytics

Mittwoch, 21 Februar 2024 | Virtual

As organizations struggle to manage uncontrolled data growth, traditional approaches to analyzing data quality, identifying business value with predictive analytics, and even performing basic observability have become time prohibitive and resource intensive. 

Teradata VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics™ provide native in-database functions to deliver rapid and scalable data insights for the largest datasets stored in data lakes, warehouses, or lakehouse architectures.  

Whether you’re just getting started with data and analytics, or you’re an expert data practitioner, you can use the power of VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics to explore and innovate with your data at massive scale. 

Join this live demo to see how to:

  • Enable users of any skill level to make better business decisions through data-driven insights and guidance
  • Perform feature engineering on various use cases with minimal data movement and inspection
  • Simplify your workflow and reduce complexity with intuitive built-in tools
  • Boost your agility and responsiveness by accessing data insights anytime, anywhere, and on any device


Kevin Sturgeon
Kevin Sturgeon

Director, Solution Engineering

Kevin Sturgeon directs a global program for the development and delivery of live demonstration assets showcasing Teradata’s unique technological and business benefits, including solutions for cloud, data and systems architecture, machine learning/AI/advanced analytics, and business outcomes.

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