Roadmap to Superior Customer Experiences

June 18, 2024 | Virtual

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Looking to activate Teradata VantageCloud data in customer experiences (CX)? Discover a better way to get CX data in the hands of marketing, CX, and line-of-business teams. 

Join Teradata and ActionIQ to learn how information technology (IT) and data leaders can maximize existing VantageCloud investments with ActionIQ's data activation and journey orchestration capabilities. Learn how you can help your organization self-serve while maintaining governance of data access and minimizing cost overruns and risk.

Key takeaways: 

  • Understand the benefits of self-service, user-friendly CX data with ActionIQ’s composable architecture, including competitive differentiation, better return on investment (ROI) for existing data, future-ready data, and CX leadership 
  • Learn to address ongoing requests from marketing, CX, and line-of-business teams to query VantageCloud data with the help of self-service CX data 
  • Explore the transformative potential of cutting-edge CX applications from VantageCloud and ActionIQ 


Michael Trapani
Michael Trapani

Head of Product Marketing, ActionIQ 

Michael Trapani is an accomplished marketing executive who has stewarded brands like Apple and IBM. He has decades of experience leading global marketing, sales, and strategy organizations, leading to successful exits through venture capital, private equity, and public acquisitions.

Mark Swenson
Mark Swenson

Americas CX Strategist, Teradata 

Mark Swenson helps enterprise clients activate their customer data, artificial intelligence (AI), and customer data platforms (CDPs) to improve customer experiences. His 25 years at Teradata have covered digital and loyalty marketing, segmentation, offer optimization, customer analytics, and AI, with clients in all industries around the globe.