Teradata AI Unlimited, on-demand AI/ML engine, coming to Microsoft Fabric

Hello, World! Today marks the epoch of a new era for Teradata with data engineering, data science, and developer communities.

Louis Landry
Louis Landry
15. November 2023 2 min Lesezeit
Teradata AI Unlimited via Microsoft Fabric and Azure Marketplace

At Teradata we’ve been solving the most complex, high-scale data and analytics problems with our customers for decades. Today we are introducing a new way to wield this technology without constraints.

Teradata AI Unlimited, an on-demand AI/ML engine in the cloud, makes it easier and faster to move breakthrough ideas from testing into production environments, on demand, and at scale. This new offer is available as a public preview in Microsoft Azure Marketplace and coming to Microsoft Fabric in Q2 2024.

Teradata AI Unlimited on Microsoft Fabric offers robust tools to power new AI and analytics use cases, from data exploration and feature engineering to model training and inferencing. By leveraging Bring Your Own Model (BYOM) capabilities, users can operationalize any model trained by Azure Machine Learning (ML) within AI Unlimited. At any time, you can smoothly transition and operationalize a prototype to a Teradata VantageCloud production environment.

We look forward to Teradata AI Unlimited being available on Microsoft Fabric in Q2. Data explorers will be able to set up and deploy robust analytics from both Teradata and Microsoft in minutes just by opening Microsoft Fabric, launching Teradata AI Unlimited, and accessing all their data in OneLake. OneLake is Fabric’s unified, multi-cloud data lake.

With Teradata AI Unlimited and Microsoft Fabric, you can explore and innovate with AI capabilities without boundaries. Several use cases come to mind, but I want to spotlight one within telecommunications (telco).

In the video shown here, we explore how, when planning future tower locations, telco companies can analyze data to determine where to place new micro-stations for enhanced 5G coverage.

To accomplish this quickly and cost-effectively, a data scientist simply spins up Teradata AI Unlimited via Microsoft Fabric, explores data in OneLake, and analyzes it using SQL and ML functions within AI Unlimited. If the data scientist would like some support to find the right queries, functions, or datasets to use, Microsoft Copilot within Fabric is standing by and ready to help. The results are then visualized in real time within Microsoft Power BI. Most importantly, the data scientist can now recommend where to place the micro-stations and transition their model into production within Microsoft Fabric.

If you would like to try Teradata AI Unlimited during the public preview, I invite you to request access here.


Über Louis Landry

Louis Landry is an Engineering Fellow and Vice President at Teradata where he focuses on advanced research and development as well as emerging technologies. Prior to joining Teradata, he held senior positions at eBay, Sears, and MicroStrategy in Architecture, Engineering and Program Management, building solutions which enable users to capitalize on their data systems and expand analytics consumption.

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