Trusted AI in the C-Suite: Highlights From the Global Executive Survey

Discover key findings from AI decision-makers on how trust in AI impacts their business

Do your peers trust AI? Should you? 

We engaged a leading business-to-business market research firm, NewtonX, to conduct a global survey on trust as it relates to AI and business enterprises. 

Find out how AI decision-makers from global corporations like Nike, P&G, Hermes Paris, Allianz Partners, and Prudential Financial are navigating trust in AI. Plus, discover how Teradata’s three principles of Trusted AI—with its focus on people, transparency, and value creation—can help inspire the confidence to overcome challenges and reap the enormous value of growing opportunities in this new AI-driven era.  

Get the report overview to learn: 

  • Why 40% of respondents don’t believe their company’s data can deliver accurate outcomes—and how you can break down silos to create trusted data 
  • The reason only 1 in 10 executives report successful enterprise-wide deployment of AI—and the steps you can take to achieve Trusted AI across your organization 
  • What over 50% of respondents say are the most valued benefits of AI—and the common AI adoption mistake to avoid 
  • Why 84% of executives expect to see results from AI initiatives within a year—and what you can do to show ROI fast from AI initiatives

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