Bloor Research Gold “Mutable” Award 2024: Data Fabric

Get expert analysis to help you choose the right data fabric for your enterprise.

See why Teradata’s QueryGrid data fabric was recognized with a Gold “Mutable” Award in a new report by Bloor Research, an independent research and analyst firm.

The report notes that Teradata offers a “proven data fabric solution” and that QueryGrid provides for “distributed query processing, a vital element of a data fabric... which is overlooked by many vendors” in the data fabric space. “Teradata is about as close as you will find to a complete offering in the data fabric world.”

A leader in enterprise data fabric

Teradata QueryGrid, our high-speed, parallel data fabric system, delivers best-in-class data scalability, flexibility, integration, and governance. We empower users to access and work with data using their chosen tools across a multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises environment, while leveraging Teradata VantageCloud, the complete cloud analytics and data platform for AI. As a result, businesses can harmonize data, enrich customer experiences, and improve business performance.

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