Fast-Track Customer Complaint Resolution With Generative AI

Companies receive millions of customer complaints in the U.S. each year (according to FTC/CFPB). In the financial sector alone, the CFPB forwards nearly one million complaints to companies for review, many in the form of emails and phone calls, all of which is captured as unstructured data. Identifying and resolving these issues is often a manual, time-consuming, and costly process. 

Teradata VantageCloud offers a solution accelerator, Customer Complaint Analyzer With Generative AI, to maximize the effectiveness of customer complaint resolution, which directly increases customer retention and customer lifetime value. With VantageCloud, customers can leverage generative AI to:

  • Automate complaint resolution with virtual assistance capabilities
  • Generate user-friendly explanations for customer complaint predictions using LLMs
  • Increase institutional knowledge about complaints to accelerate resolutions

In this live demo, we’ll demonstrate how you can use VantageCloud’s generative AI capabilities to improve customer retention by quickly analyzing and resolving customer complaints. Although this example is related to banking, the use case is applicable to many other industries.

Watch this live demo to see how to:

  • Predict if an incoming customer communication is a complaint or not
  • Use LLM-powered data to rapidly unlock insights about complaints using text clustering, topic detection, complaint summaries, and sentiment analysis
  • Integrate external LLMs with VantageCloud’s in-database analytics


Gary Class
Gary Class

Industry Strategist, Financial Services, Teradata

Gary is an accomplished industry strategist with extensive experience in financial services, where he has made significant contributions to advanced analytics and AI. Gary spent over three decades at Wells Fargo Bank as the Director of Advanced Analytics at the forefront of innovation during the transformational era of “anytime, anywhere” banking. His visionary leadership has shaped the landscape of financial services through innovation, data-driven insights, and strategic thinking.

Pranay Dave
Pranay Dave

Director of Product Marketing, Teradata

Pranay helps customers and prospects understand Teradata's value proposition related to AI/ML and generative AI. Combining strong technical data science and data analytic skills, he participates in technology evangelization initiatives.

Pranay Dave
Balaji Gopalan

Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Balaji guides financial services customers to build highly secure, operationally efficient, reliable, performant, and cost-efficient applications on the cloud. He has also been advising customers on how they can harness data on the cloud to move up the information value chain. As an active member of the industry wide EDM Council’s Cloud Management Capabilities working group, he is helping define best practices for cloud data management.

Balaji brings over 23 years of Financial Services experience, working at both the buy side (at a Quant Hedge fund) and the Sell side (Morgan Stanley), where he focused on electronic trading, algorithmic trading, data and analytics across Equities and Fixed Income divisions. Balaji holds a Masters in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from Madras University

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