3 Lessons for Driving Business Results With AI

The road to capturing AI value can be filled with challenges, such as costly data movement, bottlenecks in productivity, and a lack of actionable insights.Without easy-to-use tools that enable enterprise scale, organizations may find themselves unable to operationalize models to find profitable growth.

Fortunately, driving ROI from AI is achievable. View this webinar to hear from Teradata and guest speakers from Forrester on organizations’ real-world AI success stories and the strategies behind them. The webinar will include results from a commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study of one current Teradata customer, whose AI breakthroughs included:

  • Scaling AI to drive ROI, contributing to $125 million in profits and a three-year ROI of 244%
  • Boosting productivity and time savings, resulting in 3x more models released
  • Improving customer experiences, increasing email open rates from 2% to 46%, and producing $80 million in profit from referral programs


Chris Twogood, senior vice president of product marketing, Teradata
John Matthews, AI and industry strategist, Teradata
Luca Son, consultant, Total Economic Impact™ practice, Forrester
Mike Gualtieri, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester

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