Teradata customers may inject the PII Vault in any ETL or data pipelines to fully anonymize data or populate non-production systems with fully masked production data.


PII Compliance Made Easy with PII Vault™

In the lifecycle of identified or regulated data, there are many points where the risks of loss or exposure of that data results in massive overhead and reduced utilization of that data. Data privacy compliance obligations have been built up around these areas in a cat-and-mouse game to keep the data safe. The PII Vault solves each of these issues by stepping in at each of the risk points and discretely solving that risk thereby reducing or even eliminating the compliance overhead.

By solving privacy compliance obligations, PII Vault usage results in reduced costs and accelerated innovation.  Organizations are empowered to safely share, receive, store and mine heavily regulated data. Additional benefits are the abilities to redact PII in unstructured data and use production data, safely, in non-production environments. The results are greater insights, better decisions, and improved product and program development and performance – all while ensuring PII data privacy


Vorteile der Partnerschaft

Teradata customers may inject the PII Vault in any ETL or data pipelines to fully anonymize data with these capabilities:

  • Anonymize or mask identified data with a single API 
  • Share/receive individual-level data without risk of loss or exposure of PII
  • Link multiple anonymous datasets, at the individual level, without exposing PII
  • Redact PII from unstructured data
  • Populate non-production environments with real data but not real PII
  • Implement in minutes
  • Ship data anywhere it needs to go 
  • Exponentially expand those with access to the data
  • Unlimited scaling

PII Vault Data Privacy, PII Protection and International Compliance

PII Vault is a simpler approach to data privacy, helps solve PII compliance requirements and gets results from fully anonymous data. It is delivered as a Docker Container, installed, and configured in less than 15 minutes. It’s an API. Use capabilities needed with no additional overhead of a privacy platform. There is no PII in the data anonymized. Hackers can’t steal what you don’t have.



Version Teradata Versions
2.0 Vantage AdvSQL 17.xx