BEZNext provides Business-Driven Cloud Performance and Financial Governance Optimization software and services to companies in different industries including retail, telecommunication, insurance, banking, financial services and government.  All of our clients are actively migrating their Data Warehouse and Hadoop workloads the cloud data platforms.


Business-Driven Cloud Performance and Financial Governance Optimization

BEZNext offers Business-Driven Performance and Financial Governance optimization software for Hybrid Multi-Cloud environments.  Our software and services assist with optimizing cloud data platform selection, cloud migration and dynamic capacity management. BEZNext named as one of the top Cloud planning providers three years in a raw by CIOReview magazine.

Our technology and services leverage modeling and optimization to evaluate options, determine the minimum configuration and budget needed to meet Business Service Level Goals for all business workloads on all platforms of the Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment. We automatically verify results and organize a continuous feedback performance and financial control.


Vorteile der Partnerschaft

BEZNext and Teradata work together to ensure that customers can select appropriate cloud platform, migrate workloads to the cloud on time and within the budget and effectively manage a complex Hybrid Multi-Cloud environments.

We have been a Teradata business partner since 1992 and have a proven record of providing Capacity Management services for many of the Fortune 500 companies.



BEZNext is an automated Cloud Performance and Financial Governance Optimization tool, incorporating our unique iterative queueing network modeling and gradient optimization technology


Version Teradata Versions
4.3.86 Vantage AdvSQL 17.XX
4.2 Vantage AdvSQL TD 16.20
TD 16.10
TD 15.10


BEZAnalytica incorporates Machine Learning and AI technology to identify most frequent Anomalies and Root Causes, identify changes in seasonal peaks for each workload in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud environments.