Experion Technologies Australia

Harnessing the massive processing power of Teradata and its ability to integrate data from fragmented and disparate sources, Experion aims to enhance the overall healthcare experience. With the help of Teradata, care providers and patients can easily communicate and take real-time decisions, using an advanced SQL engine with embedded analytic functions like machine learning and text analytics. Leveraging Teradata, Experion provides solutions that can equip clinical service delivery organizations with faster access to patient data, ways to efficiently plan the availability of clinicians, and reduce waiting lists.


Experion Technologies is a global IT solutions provider with strong Product Engineering DNA and an unwavering focus on delivering Customer Value. Experion’s partnership with Teradata strengthens the capabilities to deliver customer insights at scale through augmented analytics. This partnership enhances Experion’s Digital Health Product Engineering services, accelerates Experion’s solutions to bridge the digital divide between industry and technology for a broad range of customers.


Vorteile der Partnerschaft

Leveraging Teradata’s prowess in solving the world’s most complex data challenges at scale, Experion aims to transform healthcare services through custom-developed augmented analytics solutions.


Make the shift from traditional data warehouses to multi-cloud data platforms

Using Vantage, Teradata’s cloud data analytics platform, Experion helps customers make the shift from traditional data warehouses to new multi-cloud data platforms, thus removing constraints on performance, agility, cost, scalability, data diversity, thereby improving medical workflows and patients’ experience. Experion’s expertise in digital product engineering merges seamlessly with Teradata’s pervasive data analytics to power the creation of the next generation of tailor-made intelligent digital health products that are more resilient than ever, making businesses future-ready.