Ward Analytics

Ward Analytics is the global leader for Teradata performance tuning, analysis and management solutions and services to the global Teradata customer base. For enterprises, who have invested in Teradata as the core of their enterprise data warehouse environment, and need to ensure that their investment is leveraged as fully as possible, Ward’s suite of performance tuning, analysis and management tools and services provides the perfect solution.


Ward Analytics – Teradata Performance Tuning

Ward Analytics is the leader in Teradata and multi-vendor performance analysis and management, with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize the performance of a Teradata-based data warehouse. Ward’s flagship Visual Edge product is the most advanced tool of its type; using sophisticated data visualisation technology allied with a deep understanding of Teradata performance best-practice. In addition to Visual Edge, Ward also provide a powerful but easy to use Workload Management tool – Active Workload Manager, that allow s flexible and effective user, workload, query and utility management from a simple to used tab-based Rules Engine. Completing the offering set is Prism, a low-cost, easy to use and highly effective Query analysis and optimisation tool. Prism allows the rapid and complete analysis of a Teradata query Explain, showing both what is right and wrong with a query and what needs to be done to improve or fix it.


Vorteile der Partnerschaft

Ward’s Technology solutions allow Teradata customers to;

  • Maximise the ROI - from your Data Warehouse by ensuring optimised Teradata performance at all times for the best End User experience.

  • Reduce the Data Warehouse TCO - by extracting every last drop of capacity from the warehouse and thus minimising upgrades and simultaneously extending Cap-Ex cycles.

  • Maximise Staff Productivity - by deploying the most sophisticated technologies available to reduce wasted effort and duplicated inefficiencies.

  • Improve Revenues – through ensuring customer’s experiences are as positive as possible.

  • Manage Multiple Technology Platforms simultaneously - reducing the time taken to resolve previously impossibly complex technical issues.


Visual Edge

Ward’s Teradata & multi-vendor performance analysis and management tool – based on data visualisation technologies and techniques, Visual Edge offers an unmatched range of capabilities and functionality for Historical, Real Time and near-Real Time analysis of core Teradata performance.


Version Teradata Versions
3.7 TD 16.20
TD 16.10
TD 15.10
3.4 TD 14.10

Active Workload Manager

Offering Real Time interventional workload management and monitoring, AWM was the first tool to offer a rules-based engine to ensure protection of workloads as they ran, and continues to be the most rapidly and easily deployable Teradata workload management platform.


Version Teradata Versions
2.0 TD 16.20
TD 16.10
TD 15.10
1.8 TD 15.0
1.7 TD 14.10


In the final analysis, it is often the underlying queries, individually or embedded in Workloads that can cause the most serious performance impacts on the data warehouse. Prism is a highly user-friendly tool for the rapid and easy analysis of Queries and Explains, with natural language context-sensitive help for all levels of users.


Version Teradata Versions
3.0 TD 16.20
TD 16.10
TD 15.10
2.3 TD 14.10