Teradata Real-Time Insight Benefits Fortune 150 Refining Business

19. Sept. 2017 | San Diego

Andeavor’s Teradata platform delivers key inventory insight on demand and results in significant business savings

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) announced today that Andeavor, a Fortune 150 highly integrated marketing, logistics and refining company, is realizing excellent results from its Teradata Analytic Platform. Andeavor operates 10 refineries with a combined capacity of approximately 1.2 million barrels per day in 18 states, mainly the mid-continent and western United States. The use of the Teradata system radically accelerates information processing, saving the refining business millions of dollars a year.

The refining business platform has many uses, including inventory management:  it consolidates inventory information and integrates data so that inventories can be tallied immediately with the push of a button. The accuracy with which this inventory value can be determined is critical to the company’s credit line, and the rates which are charged for access to it.

“We started with one project and we now have over 30 projects that have been integrated on the Teradata platform,” said David Brand, Manager, Business Intelligence, Western Refining (renamed Andeavor). “Our analytics platform gives us an integrated, holistic view of the business and allows users to see sales and customer activity across three systems -- as one – in near-real time. This is exactly the kind of business outcome we had hoped that analytics technology would enable.”

Brand said that Andeavor’s previous data platform only allowed refining operations teams to see performance of key plan vs. actual metrics for Liquid Volume Recovery (LVR) in dollar value - after the close of the accounting month, usually 8-12 days into the month following. Today, by integrating the data in today’s analytic platform, the high-speed performance of Teradata now gives refining operations decision-makers their critical business reports in near real time.

For instance, there may be as many as 850 railcars of rolling inventory at any given moment, Brand said, and before the Teradata platform was deployed, this inventory was not being as precisely recorded or continuously quantified as an asset. The platform now provides continuous updates on Refining Operations.
The Teradata Analytic Platform also supports detailed Environmental Reporting and Regulatory Compliance, and by fusing multiple data sources, creates a self-service environment enabling Refining Operations to analyze and present blending, inventory, receipts and shipment information in any manner they wish. Using sensor data, the data ecosystem is ramping up for Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Finally, the platform supports Retail Propensity, Customer Loyalty, LP Tuning, and Predictive Maintenance.
“We are now moving into advanced analytics,” Brand said. “This involves predictive maintenance and machine learning. Our goal state is to have a data-driven tool that the refinery engineers can go into the system and say, I need to make X barrels that meet New Mexico standards, and then the system will look at our interaction coefficients and inventory - then deliver. We are not there yet, but that is our goal state. We have other exciting plans also, including multi-level KPI dashboards; self service; cloud storage, which is now in progress; mobility platforms and more data from more sources.”
The company was a recipient of a Teradata EPIC Award for Operational Excellence in 2014. The business was recognized for “improving operations, such as forecasting, inventory management or supply chain visibility, asset monitoring, sustainable business practices and resource optimization.”
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