The era of generative AI: How enterprises can prepare for 2024

Are you prepared for the AI-driven future? Today, more than ever, organizations need a clear blueprint on how to move past the hype and use new and emerging AI innovation to drive results across the business.

This replay will answer your biggest questions on AI and give you practical insights you can use to thrive in the AI-driven decade ahead. Teradata’s Senior Director of Data Science, Dr. Chris Hillman, and Nina Schick, author, generative AI expert, and founder of Tamang Ventures, will take you through:

  • What opportunities and challenges generative AI will bring in 2024
  • Where and how to invest in AI for maximum business value
  • Why mindset matters—and how the right one can help you navigate the Age of AI
  • How you can implement, accelerate, and drive results from your AI initiatives with Teradata VantageCloud Lake and ClearScape Analytics™


Chris Hillman

Chris Hillman
Senior Director,
Data Science International - Teradata

Chris Hillman is Senior Director of Data Science in the International region and has been responsible for developing and articulating Teradata’s AI and generative AI analytics strategy. Chris previously led the International Data Science Practice and has worked on a large number of AI projects focusing on the generation of measurable ROI from analytics in production at scale using Teradata, open-source, and other vendor technologies. 

Kate Russell

Kate Russell
Journalist, reporter, educator and author
Board Member - BCS Influence Board

Journalist, reporter, educator and author, Kate has been writing about technology and the Internet since 1995. She was recently appointed a board member of the BCS Influence Board, an advisory body for the Chartered Institute of IT in the UK. A champion for diversity in tech, she has been a regular face on TV and voice on radio throughout her career, being a core member of the BBC Click reporting team for over a decade, as well as writing a ‘travel tech’ column for National Geographic Traveller for 7 years.
In addition to reporting on technology, Kate helps inspire the next generation of tech professionals through her work with Teentech CIC, a non-profit co-founded by Tomorrow’s World presenter, Maggie Philbin. She also speaks at conferences and digital strategy and policy meetings to help businesses and politicians understand the complexities of transformation for the digital age. Her website,, has won multiple awards for best technology blog and she has been honoured in the Hall of Fame for the Computer Weekly Top 50 most influential women in UK IT. She also writes sci-fi and fantasy with two published novels now available.

Nina Schick

Nina Schick
Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker - AI Authority
Founder of Tamang Ventures

Nina Schick is a world-leading authority on AI. 
She has been named at the top of world’s 20 best speakers on AI, alongside others including Sam Altman (Open AI), Demis Hassabis (Google Deepmind)  and Geoffrey Hinton (The ‘Godfather of AI.’ She is also recognised as a LinkedIn ‘Top Voice’ on AI. Nina argues that AI is fundamentally about power and people. She analyses what it means to lead in the Age of AI, examining how AI will transform business, geopolitics and humanity. Nina was among the first to identify AI as a 'tipping point for humanity.' She articulated this vision years before ChatGPT made AI a global phenomenon. An advocate of responsible AI development, Nina is the Founder of Tamang Ventures, working exclusively with companies at the frontier of AI development. She is proud to advise Synthesia, the world's first video-generation platform, and Truepic, the global leader in authentication technologies. She has collaborated with some of the world's premier companies and organisations, including Microsoft, Adobe, DARPA, and the UN. Her book, ‘DEEPFAKES’ (2020), was the first to examine Generative AI’s broader impact on society. A renowned public speaker, Nina has appeared on stages including CES, TEDx, CogX, and WebSummit. She regularly appears on worldwide media and has been featured in publications such as MIT Tech Review, WIRED, and Time. She has engaged in dialogues with global thought leaders like Sam Harris, Christiane Amanpour, and Andrew Yang. In tandem with her speaking and advisory roles, Nina has cultivated a robust AI community, boasting over 100k members through her content channels. With over two decades of geopolitical experience, Nina has long been focused on macro-trends for society. She has advised global leaders, including Joe Biden, the President of the United States, and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Secretary General of NATO. Nina speaks seven languages and calls London, Berlin, and Kathmandu home.

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