Teradata Database 16.10 Now on Azure and AWS Marketplaces

24. September 2017 3 min Lesezeit

Good news! We’ve just published important updates for both Azure and AWS Marketplaces.

This is the first public cloud update in which the Teradata team has aligned solution launch conventions across both Azure and AWS for simplicity.

There are many feature updates. Highlights pertaining to both Azure and AWS Marketplaces:

  • Added support for Teradata Database 16.10; Teradata Database 15.10 continues to be supported. Note that only the Sparse Maps portion of the MAPS or Multiple Hash Maps feature is currently available in the public cloud.
  • Added support for Teradata QueryGrid 2.n, replacing Teradata QueryGrid 1.n. QueryGrid Manager is now available with zero software cost. QueryGrid connectors must be ordered separately.
  • Added manual resizing capability (i.e., scale up/down) for a Teradata Database node.
  • Added support for Teradata Server Management in the Developer Tier.
  • Added the ability to enable Teradata Intelligent Memory (TIM) when deploying a Teradata ecosystem for the Advanced and Enterprise tiers.


Azure Marketplace-specific updates:

  • Increased Azure node limit support to 64 Nodes (with 33-64 nodes under controlled deployment).
  • Changed the 5TB storage configurations from 5 x 1023 GiB to 10 x 512 GiB for DS14_v2 and DS15_v2 VM sizes with premium storage.

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AWS Marketplace-specific updates:

  • Added ability to enable Teradata Intelligent Memory when launching a Teradata. ecosystem or launching components separately for the Advanced and Enterprise tiers.
  • Changed the port for PUT from 8080 to 8443.
  • Removed the ability to create a new VPC when launching a Teradata Ecosystem.
  • Added ability to enter an existing placement group or configure separate placement groups for Teradata Database, Teradata Data Stream Controller, and Teradata Data Mover when launching a Teradata ecosystem.
  • Added support for using Teradata Access Module for AWS to export data from and import data to S3 storage.
  • Added Server Management to the Test/Dev Ecosystem CloudFormation Template.

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The updated Data Stream Utility (DSU) capabilities on AWS enable some nifty backup and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities, including S3 – Multiple Buckets, Multiple Regions. DSU can now restore a save set from an S3 region or bucket that is not the same as the original backup.

Here’s the scenario: users may now configure multiple S3 buckets across more than one AWS region via the command line or BAR portlet. This allows users to enable a DR scenario that allows geographic separation of their DR systems, such as:

  • Base system backs up to AWS S3 in region X
  • AWS S3 can automatically replicate stored data between regions X and Y
  • Secondary system in second AWS region Y can have data loaded
  • In the event of a regional disaster, the secondary system can be brought online and customer can resume operations

In other words, this feature enables a user to:
1) perform a back up to S3 in one region
2) allow Amazon to replicate to another S3 region automatically, and then
3) restore the save set to a different Teradata system

Pretty cool!


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