Get more from your data, and your enterprise. Our experts can help you turn data into your greatest asset.

Teradata Services

Get more from your data and your enterprise. Our experts can help you turn data into your greatest asset.

Teradata Services

Unlock the value of your Teradata investment

Benefits Teradata Services have delivered

  • $5M

    Cost savings through optimized DevOps delivery model

  • 90%

    Improvement in data availability SLAs in three months with Managed Services

  • 4.5%

    Increase in revenue with dynamic pricing model over two-month pilot period

  • $3.3M

    Node savings in one year with Managed Services, a 20x return on investment

Available services

How we help our customers

Business value realization

  • Insights and customer applications: Custom use-case design and implementation
  • Trusted AI: Optimize your AI investment—scale and deploy analytic models with data that is secure, trusted, and complete
  • Customer education: Build skills and capabilities to maximize and expand your Teradata investment


  • Ecosystem migration: Migrate and modernize with Teradata VantageCloud
  • Data consolidation and data mesh: Reduce tech debt and data movement with data deployment governed by usage
  • Data engineering and automation: Modern data ingestion and integration, DataOps and DevOps, and data access orchestration
  • Data management and governance: Enable creation of data products, sharing, reuse, and collaboration in a secure, governed manner


  • Performance and scale: Workload management, system and application performance improvements
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery: Rapidly recover from failures and maintain continuous business operations
  • Operations and platform management: Ensure high reliability and availability of your ecosystem
  • Information security, privacy, and compliance: Ensure data is a secure, highly trusted asset
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