Building a Future-Ready Data Strategy With a Truly Open Ecosystem

In the rapidly evolving AI era, organizations are increasingly embracing open-source technologies like open table formats (OTFs) to maximize their data management.

While OTFs can enable agility and flexibility without the need to move or transform data, many platforms still lock users into preferred formats that hamper creativity and innovation.

Listen on-demand as Teradata, Accenture, and Ventana Research (now ISG) discuss “Building a Future-Ready Data Strategy With a Truly Open Ecosystem.

In this executive roundtable event, you’ll learn how to leverage a fully open and connected approach to OTFs that powers:

  • Unparalleled interoperability, cost efficiency, and choice.
  • Robust guardrails for trust, transparency, and explainability.
  • Innovation, productivity, and transformational data agility.
  • A future-ready data strategy delivering Trusted AI at scale.

Speakers include:

Hillary Ashton
Chief Product Officer
Justin Stark
Managing Director of Data
Janhavi Rajagopal
Senior Manager of Software Engineering
David Menninger
Executive Director of Technology Research
Ventana Research (ISG)

Moderated by:

Chris Twogood
Senior Vice President of Product Marketing

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