IntelliCloud Now in AWS Ireland – and Much More!

Brian Wood
Brian Wood
17. Juli 2017 2 min Lesezeit

Good news! Teradata IntelliCloud has been upgraded with three new capabilities that are important to customers:

  1. International expansion to AWS Ireland – first AWS region outside of the United States for IntelliCloud (benefit = broader footprint)
  2. Customer Application Ecosystem – support for customer-supplied BI/DI apps within the Teradata data center in Las Vegas (benefit = reduced latency)
  3. Database software tiers – now Base and Advanced for IntelliBase and AWS …and Enterprise for IntelliFlex and AWS (benefit = greater choice)

What Is IntelliCloud?

In case you don’t already know, IntelliCloud is our highly secure cloud solution built on the best-in-class Teradata Database and includes on-boarding, system administration, monitoring, encryption, and daily backups. IntelliCloud is delivered “as a service” – we handle the technology so you can focus on delivering business outcomes.

International Expansion

Our international expansion for IntelliCloud into the AWS Ireland region (eu-west-1) builds upon the strong infrastructure foundation in the United States – which consists of two Teradata data centers hosting Teradata infrastructure (IntelliFlex and IntelliBase) plus four AWS regions with standard EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and EBS (Elastic Block Store) resources.

With AWS Ireland, customers and prospects in Europe will have access to the same great IntelliCloud bundled infrastructure services, which include:

  • Platform deployment
  • Infrastructure management
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Backup and restore
  • System monitoring
  • Upgrades and maintenance
  • Enterprise-class security
  • Premier cloud support

Application Ecosystem

IntelliCloud now enables customers to create a best fit architecture to run Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Integration (DI) workloads where they perform best while maintaining security and performance between the applications and the database platforms.

With IntelliCloud Application Ecosystem, customers can deploy their BI/DI applications co-located with their database in the cloud. Customers can choose between 8 different instance types most appropriate for their BI/DI application resource needs and easily change their ecosystem application instance type later as application needs change.

IntelliCloud Application Ecosystem for customer applications employs a shared responsibility model. Teradata is responsible for providing infrastructure management, backup and restore through snapshots, and network connectivity, while customers are responsible for managing and maintaining their BI/DI application environment while ensuring their operating system (OS) and BI/DI application license compliance.

International expansion for Teradata IntelliCloud into the AWS Ireland region.

Software Tiers

IntelliCloud (Teradata Database) is now available in three software tiers: Base, Advanced, and Enterprise. Customers may choose the level appropriate to their workloads and business needs. Each tier entitles the subscriber to a set of features and ecosystem software defined below. (The Developer tier is not available on IntelliCloud).


All three software tiers include Teradata Database 15.10 with Columnar, Temporal, Row Level Security, and Secure Zones plus each of the following Teradata ecosystem capabilities: Data Stream Controller, Ecosystem Manager, REST Services, Studio, Teradata Tools and Utilities, and Viewpoint.

Three New Updates, One Great Solution

With IntelliCloud, customers get more choice, greater dexterity, and the ability to increase focus on extracting and applying analytic insights rather than on managing infrastructure.

These three new enhancements bring:

  1. Broader Footprint
  2. Lower Latency
  3. Greater Choice

Check out IntelliCloud and see for yourself.

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Brian Wood is director of cloud marketing at Teradata. He has over 15 years' experience leading all areas of technology marketing in cloud, wireless, IT, software, and data analytics. He earned an MS in Engineering Management from Stanford, a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell, and served as an F-14 Radar Intercept Officer in the US Navy.

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