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Covers the features and functionality of the Teradata Database through release 16.20.

The Developer Exam is available in BETA format and has a limited number of testing opportunities.  Testing has been extended through January 18, 2019!  Don't miss your chance to test! If you are interested in taking the beta exam, email the Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) team. If seats are available, your credentials will be reviewed, and an invitation will be emailed to you.

A successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to design and write optimized SQL that acquires, integrates and accesses data in Teradata environments. They have knowledge of database design concepts and indexing strategies for query and ETL development. Successful candidates can effectively use the Teradata database features, tools and utilities.

important BETA exam information and faqs
  • You must obtain an eligibility voucher before registration.
  • Registration and testing for beta exams is completed through Pearson VUE, and may not be offered at all testing centers. Contact Pearson VUE to locate the closest available testing center. Fees are discounted price and collected at registration. Use your unique Teradata (TDC) testing ID during the registration process.
  • You must complete a brief survey before the exam to help determine overall knowledge level and experience of all beta testers. The information is used collectively, not individually, is confidential, and will be used for beta statistical purposes only. Survey information is not scored or used to determine overall score.
  • Beta exams contain more questions than live exams. Responses are used to determine the validity of each question and contribute to the live exam. Candidates taking a beta exam will be scored on the same set of questions as candidates taking the live version of the exam.
  • Comments will be collected on individual questions during the exam. As a beta candidate, you are encouraged to provide feedback during the exam.
  • Results will be collected and analyzed after the beta period ends. Your exam results will be sent by email by the end of March, 2019.  
  • Passing a beta exam is equivalent to passing a live version of the exam and the certification will be awarded after all requirements have been met. 
  • A candidate may take a specific beta exam one time only. Candidates must wait until the live version is available to retake the exam.
  • Reference materials to prepare for the beta exam and the Developer Beta Exam Objectives are available.

For more information, download the BETA Exam FAQs, or email TCPP.


Register for the Certified Developer BETA Exam

Registration for the Developer BETA Exam opens on September 1, 2018 and testing is held September 20, 2018 to December 14, 2018.

All BETA exams must be completed during this testing window. Registration is online through our testing vendor, Pearson VUE. For a list of regional phone numbers visit home.pearsonvue.com/teradata/contact/

Bypass this exam

Already Certified in Teradata 14?

Candidates who hold Teradata 14 Technical Specialist, Solutions DeveloperEnterprise Architect, Database Administrator, and Master certifications can bypass the Associate and Developer Exam and take the next track progression exam—Advanced Developer.

In this case, you are not required to take the Developer BETA exam and your participation is voluntary. If you fail the beta exam, you will be able to use the bypass option when the live exam version is available.

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It is recommended that candidates have approximately one (1) year of Teradata Database experience.


There are no prerequisites if participating in the beta exam. Passing the Associate Exam is the prerequisite for the live Developer Exam. All requirements must be met for a certification to be awarded.


Teradata Database Certified Developer with a Digital Badge once all certification requirements are met.


5 hours for BETA exam questions.


Developer certification expires in three years. Pass the same exam to maintain this certification or earn the Teradata Database Advanced Developer certification. Earning this certification extends the Teradata Database Associate certification expiration date.


The beta exam is offered at $75, a significant discount off the live exam cost.

For more details regarding specific exam objectives, download this PDF.


Candidates should understand basic SQL concepts including syntax, characteristics of macros, stored procedures, permanent tables, table level attributes, CREATE TABLE AS, referential integrity, indexes, views, triggers, temporary tables, regular expressions, functions, characteristics of column level attributes, data types, constraints, joins, subqueries, syntax usage, characteristics of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE statements.


Candidates should understand Teradata's transaction processing and lock management including types of locking and lock levels, implications of using different transaction modes, differences between transaction, request, and statement, and impact of session characteristics on requests.


Candidates should have a good understanding of Teradata's solution development process and considerations including types and purposes of indexes, partitioning strategies, logical and physical database design, roles, profiles, and privileges. 


Candidates should understand solution optimization including the tuning process including improving an existing application, designing and populating effective performance testing environments, using DBQL data, and identifying performance tuning considerations.


Candidates should understand access layer and data delivery strategies.


Candidates should understand data integration strategies including TPT LOAD, EXPORT, UPDATE, and STREAM operators, optimal load strategies, and BTEQ and Teradata Studio Suite. 

preparing for your exam

  • The Teradata Certified Professional Program partners with the Teradata Education Network to provide Teradata courseware and curriculum that relates to each exam.
  • Please note that these courses are recommended and not required. Taking or passing a course does not guarantee passing of any TCPP certification exam.
  • Additional training may need to be taken in order to cover all of the objectives on the exam. You can view course descriptions and schedules, and enroll online.


Visit the Teradata internal TCPP Connections site for more information on recommended Teradata training. You must be logged in to the Teradata network.

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