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Make AI innovation a reality with Microsoft and Teradata

Experience the combined power of Teradata and Microsoft to accelerate value from AI use cases.

Dynamic and innovative solutions from Teradata and Microsoft

AI Unlimited via Microsoft Fabric and Azure Marketplace

The freedom to innovate is now as limitless as your imagination

Discover faster, easier, and more cost-effective AI innovation with Teradata AI Unlimited, a complete compute solution featuring Teradata’s Analytics Database and ClearScape Analytics™ that lets you explore and analyze data to create limitless AI innovation.

AI Unlimited,  our on-demand AI/ML engine in the cloud, is available in public preview on the Azure Marketplace and via Microsoft Fabric.

Bring the power of Teradata’s industry-leading ClearScape Analytics capabilities to a low-cost environment that maximizes exploration and discovery. With high-performance compute and in-engine analytics, AI Unlimited offers incredible new use cases to explore on the Microsoft platform.

VantageCloud Lake on Azure

Take advantage of the market-leading expertise, scale, and technology of Teradata and Microsoft

VantageCloud’s open and connected platform enables organizations to transform their AI/ML initiatives from pilots to production with the tools of their choice.

APAC Hot Topic Webinar Wednesday: Accelerating AI and ML at Enterprise Scale
ClearScape Analytics and Azure Machine Learning

Deploy analytics at scale with Teradata VantageCloud and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

tips_and_updates Better answers

Get clearer insights with robust in-database functions.

rebase Faster results

Speed up access to insights and roll out innovations faster.

fit_screen Activate value at scale

Control costs and boost ROI and innovation.

Teradata, powered by Azure OpenAI Service

Increase productivity, speed, and efficiency with generative AI capabilities with

Built on Azure OpenAI Service, enables users to ask questions about their company’s data and receive instant responses, as well as generate code—all via a natural language interface in VantageCloud Lake. 

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