Security and privacy policies

We are committed to your security and privacy

Since 1999, Teradata Certification has been certifying customers, partners, consultants, and internal Teradata employees on Teradata technology. Our goal is to provide a high quality, high value certification that is meaningful to all stakeholders.

Because we are committed to maintaining the value and integrity of each certification, we will not tolerate any behavior that could undermine the value or integrity of the Teradata Certification. Teradata will not deviate from the Privacy Policy without a written consent or electronic waiver personally signed by the candidate.

Help us protect the value of the Teradata Certification.

Aware of a security breach?
Email or call Teradata’s Ethics Hotline*

In the US call toll free:  1-866-455-0993
In all other countries call AT&T Direct, once you have accessed AT&T Direct call:

*Teradata Ethics Helpline is a 24-hour service maintained by an independent third-party.  Caller anonymity is maintained and no retaliation is taken.

What is non-independent test taking (NITT)? 

NITT is when a candidate uses external influences to take an examination. NITT is a breach of Teradata Certification’s exam security policy.  Teradata has identified methods to identify and detect NITT. Candidates identified as NITT will be banned from the program and will not be allowed to take Teradata certification exams. 

Teradata ensures program integrity, keeping your investment in our program secure by:

Auditing online

We monitor and secret shop our test centers worldwide to look for any suspicious activity

Enforcing policies

We take our stance on retakes and other policies, as well as our Non-Disclosure Agreements, seriously — ensuring credibility for all who earn certifications

Actively watching

We patrol the web to ensure Teradata exam content is not being discussed, illegally traded or sold

Tracking analytics

We utilize data forensics to monitor testing centers and individual exam results

Acting fast

If we find illegal or inappropriate activity taking place, we act swiftly and definitively to remove any such content

Security overview

Violating any Teradata Certification security policy may result in actions including but not limited to exam center dismissal, invalidation of exams/certifications, and being banned from testing. 

Unauthorized materials

You cannot take any unauthorized materials into the testing center, nor can you use unauthorized prep material or request, obtain, purchase, sell, or provide unauthorized exam materials to anyone else

Candidate agreement

You must adhere to the Teradata Certification Candidate Agreement, including the Non-Disclosure Agreement clauses

Retake policy

Failed exams may only be retaken after a 21-calendar-day waiting period

Soliciting assistance

You cannot request nor receive assistance from others — including test center staff — before, during, or after an exam

Intellectual property

You cannot disclose Teradata Certification intellectual property in any way, nor can you discuss exam content with others in any written or verbal way


You cannot misrepresent exam results, badges, or certificates —or utilize logos in unauthorized ways


You cannot falsify your identity in any way, nor can you hire or otherwise engage others to take an exam on your behalf

Pearson vue

You cannot violate Pearson VUE’s Exam Agreement in any way


Test center policy

Exam candidates are not permitted to bring personal items including phones or any type of electronic device, wallets, papers, notes, books, etc. into the testing room. If a prohibited item is found in the testing room, the candidate’s exam will be suspended and void.

Exam candidate agreement

The Teradata Certification's Exam Candidate Agreement is the legal contract between you and Teradata regarding Teradata Certification, including NDA clauses. All Candidates must agree to the Exam Candidate Agreement prior to beginning any Teradata Certification Exam. We highly recommend that you review the applicable Teradata Certification Exam Candidate Agreement PRIOR to your test date.

Teradata certification privacy policy

Privacy of your test results and demographic information is referenced in the Teradata Candidate Agreement.

Teradata will not deviate from the Privacy Policy without a written or electronic waiver personally signed by the candidate.

Banning & Reinstatement

Violation of any of the Teradata Certification Policies may result in a ban from testing. Per the Teradata Certification Candidate Agreement, Teradata Certification reserves the right to ban any candidate from the program that is found to be in violation of said agreement. If you are banned from the program under The Teradata 14 track:

  • You can never take any more exams in that certification track or any previous certification track
  • One year after the start of your ban, if you have not incurred any subsequent security violations and if Teradata Certification has released a new certification track
  • Banning details for currently supported certification tracks.

If you are notified that you are eligible for reinstatement after being banned, you must accept the Reinstatement Terms and Conditions

Exam candidate situational examples

The Pearson VUE staff will guide exam candidates through the steps that need to be taken prior and during testing. These steps were created with security of exam candidates and Teradata Certification exams in mind. Pearson VUE staff will ask you to empty your pockets as well as take off your glasses so they can be inspected.

Violations of the Pearson VUE testing site rules include, but are not limited to:

  • Being disruptive.
  • Having any item not specifically permitted in the testing room, such as a phone or watch.
  • Acting suspiciously.
  • Removing test items from the center.
  • Providing false information when applying for the certification program.

Pearson VUE proctors are trained to observe exam candidates. Unusual behavior during an exam administration is strictly monitored and responded to. Test center employees have been trained to watch for unusual behavior and incidents during exams. Candidates are monitored with audio and video.

Exam candidate behavioral examples

Discussions regarding how you felt about the exam experience are acceptable but there should be no discussions related to the exam questions/content.

There are sites on the Internet that claim they have exam questions and answers and that guarantee you will pass. Candidates should not rely on those claims or pursue these materials. They are a source of misinformation about Teradata certification. Teradata monitors the web and has found such materials and continuously analyzes their validity and uses them as part of our data forensics. Teradata utilizes data forensics to monitor testing centers and individual exam results providing statistical evidence that is used to corroborate evidence of anomalous test results. Usage of such materials is a Teradata security policy violation and can result in penalties including voiding of exams and banning from the Teradata Certification program. Do NOT use these materials to prepare for Teradata Certification exams.

If you are aware of anyone promoting these materials or Teradata exam material exposure, email

Food and water are not permitted in the exam room. If you have special circumstances requiring food or water, contact the Teradata Certification at

No. Phones are not permitted in the testing room for any reason. Teradata exams do provide reminders of remaining time while testing. It is critical to remember the test center policy regarding what can/cannot be brought into the exam room.

What to expect in a Pearson VUE test center

At Pearson VUE, your security matters to us. You will experience some - or all - of the security measures featured in this video. Be prepared; for specific security requirements, please check the relevant documentation/website/FAQ information related to your test program.

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