Analyze Anything, Anywhere, On Your Own.

Do-it-yourself Deployment for Azure

Do-it-yourself Deployment of Teradata Software for Azure combines world-renowned analytics with the agility, flexibility, and global footprint of Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Want to use Teradata software, with Azure, on your own?
There are a couple of ways to do it.

  • Use if: You plan to use Teradata software for short-term or intermittent consumption.
  • Benefit: Maximum flexibility, zero commitment.
  • Buy from: Azure Marketplace.
  • Step 1: Pick your Teradata Vantage tier and decide if you want Teradata IntelliSphere, too.
  • Step 2: Search for, select, and subscribe to the appropriate Teradata Vantage offer in Azure Marketplace from Step 1 and follow the provisioning instructions. 
  • That's it – fast and easy for short-term consumption.
  • Use if: You plan to use Teradata software for always-on analytics.
  • Benefit: Greater discounts with software portability across other deployment options.
  • Buy from: Your Teradata Account Team.
  • Step 1: Work with your Teradata Account Team to select and buy a license to the Teradata software that meets your workload requirements.
  • Step 2: Search for, select, and subscribe to the Teradata Vantage offer you chose in Azure Marketplace from Step 1 and follow the provisioning instructions. Be sure to select the BYOL option and apply your software license entitlement ID. 
  • That's it – powerful and cost-effective for always-on analytics.

Either subscription path above can be used for a Teradata ecosystem, which will simultaneously deploy additional Teradata software products in Azure that are automatically configured to work together.

Need help? Teradata has resources – engage with your Teradata Account Team for help with architecting and implementing Teradata software in your public cloud environment.


Teradata provides easy-to-follow documentation on how to launch, provision, and use our software with Azure infrastructure on the following pages:


Teradata Premier Cloud Support is bundled with your paid software subscription; it helps you react quickly and effectively to events that could put your analytics at risk. Backed by our extensive network of remote service representatives, we provide comprehensive problem resolution when it counts.

Teradata Premier Cloud Support provides:

Around-the-clock incident creation through Teradata Support

Hours of coverage and response times by customer-defined severity levels

Access to helpful resources for Azure and the Teradata Support Knowledge Base

Additional Teradata Services to help you manage your environment may be purchased separately


Register Now for Access to Teradata Support

Access to Teradata Support for do-it-yourself deployment on Azure requires a public cloud site ID and a Teradata Support account. If you already have a public cloud site ID and Teradata Support account for Azure, just log in to Teradata Support, or track down your Azure Subscription ID

Note: If you have a Teradata Support account for a site other than Teradata Software for Azure, you'll need to register your Azure account for Teradata with your existing Teradata Support login (email). After that you can link the accounts together. 

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