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Power Trusted AI with Teradata and Google Cloud

Teradata and Google Cloud offer the expertise and scale to drive top-line growth and accelerate time to value with the power of Trusted AI.

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Enrich customer experiences with innovative AI use cases
Solution accelerator with Gemini models

Enrich customer experiences with innovative AI use cases

Teradata’s open and connected ecosystem offers the flexibility to embrace current predictive AI and emerging generative AI technologies. Seamlessly deploy predictive and generative AI solutions to strengthen customer loyalty by leveraging Gemini models via VantageCloud Lake on Google Cloud.

The Teradata Customer Complaint Analyzer provides a rich and comprehensive view of customer complaints. By analyzing call center audio recordings in addition to text, organizations can understand customer sentiment, identify trends more accurately, and ultimately develop actionable insights that can improve customer loyalty and drive business value.

Drive profitable growth with Trusted AI
ClearScape Analytics and Vertex AI

Drive profitable growth with Trusted AI

Maximize the value of AI projects with security, transparency, and performance using ClearScape Analytics and Google Cloud Vertex AI platform. Our combined solutions offer the most robust, end-to-end analytic capabilities, including data prep, model training, and operationalization at scale. ClearScape Analytics open API integrates with Vertex AI SDK for Python, providing the ability to train and predict models against data in VantageCloud Lake.

Together, our solutions ensure customers can execute complex analytics and AI/ML on massive datasets and incorporate their preferred data science tools. This enables customers to drive profitable growth from their AI/ML investments as they deploy sophisticated models into production faster with trust.

VantageCloud Lake on Google Cloud

Accelerate time to value for AI with trusted data

VantageCloud Lake on Google Cloud offers many capabilities that enable organizations to deliver trusted data that's seamlessly integrated and harmonized, including:

  • Modern cloud-native architecture, including the full separation of compute and storage, as well as independent, elastic, and multi-cluster compute—all against Google Cloud object storage
  • Better value from lower costs and unsurpassed workload efficiency that deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Faster data preparation and seamless access to distributed data, enabled by our patented data fabric technology, QueryGrid
  • End-to-end AI/ML pipeline management, which includes data cleansing, data preparation, modeling, and the entire AI/ML lifecycle, enabled by ClearScape Analytics
  • Increased cost efficacy, as customers using any VantageCloud system on Google Cloud transacted through Google Cloud Marketplace are eligible to decrease their spend commitment with Google Cloud
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